5 Reasons Why Gelato Makes the Best Gift

Gift giving is such a special and important part of our culture, and we wanted to create a few things that our clients could share with their loved ones and share as presents. And when it comes to gelato, giving just might be better than receiving. 

1. Plays Well with Others

Gelato is amazing on its own, and great when paired with other foods and desserts. It can be the standalone or the complement on your dessert table, which makes it a super versatile gift for the sophisticated hostess. 

2. Easy to Store, Easy to Serve

Stick your tubs in the freezer and don't sweat it; unlike pastries and other food perishables, you don’t have to worry about packing and storing your gelato. In our freezer-safe tubs, this deliciousness is easy to store and keep fresh. An added bonus is that it is also super simple to portion and serve. We like to use eclectic little bowls and dessert spoons to let the colours and textures of our gelato flavours really shine through. Pro-tip: use our Lieta scooper when serving!

3. Variety, Variety, Variety

We've got flavours and combinations for every palette - there's something for everyone to enjoy in our gift sets. Gelato is a winner with people of all ages, and everyone in the family can choose their favorite flavours. 

4. Meeting Personal Preferences

The light and delicious nature of our product makes it the perfect gift for people with differing dietary preferences as well. Gelato is lower in calories, lower in sugar content and lower in butterfat content than normal ice creams. Our sorbets are vegan and dairy free, and we have sugar free flavours too! We strive to accommodate a variety of dietary needs, and you can gift a customised assortment of gelato flavors tailored to the preferences of your friends and family. Show them how well you know them, how much you care, and how fabulous it is to eat gelato all day long.   

5 New, Unique and Fun

In our part of the world, sweets are a very traditional gift meant to celebrate happy occasions. Giving gelato is a a fun, fresh way to both update and honour that cultural tradition. Make your gift something new and exciting love for friends and family to try. Let old-school mithai and pastries take a back seat and send our lush, creamy gelato to satisfy their sweet tooth and spread love and happiness on special occasions. 

So whether you are going to a dinner party, house warming, baby shower, engagement, a birthday party, or just want to tell a friend you're thinking of them - gelato is the best gift for every occasion. 

Finally, allow me to bolster this list with reason number 6 - it tastes amazing. Trust me. First try it out for yourself; you'll definitely want to share it with your loved ones.