Gelato vs Ice Cream

Gelato and ice cream, while similar at first glance, have a few fundamental differences in both technique and ingredients that result in a significant variance in the end product.

Churning Speed

Gelato is churned at a much slower speed than ice cream to incorporate less air and create a richer, denser final product that gives you an intense flavour and better value gram for gram.

Serving Temperatures

Ice cream is served at a much lower temperature than gelato (around -20 degrees) whereas gelato is served at a warmer temperature (around -14 degrees) in order to retain its dense texture; warmer serving temperature also means its flavour comes across much richer than frozen ice cream. From the first spoonful you know exactly what you're getting.


Whereas ice cream usually uses equal thirds sugar, egg and cream, gelato uses much less sugar, an egg-free base and primarily whole milk to create a richer finished product that has lower caloric count, lower sugar content and lower butterfat than traditional ice cream.

TL;DR - gelato is lower in calories, fats, sugar and air than normal ice cream. 

Our Italian style gelato is healthier, richer and more flavorful than traditional ice cream. Lieta is the choice for smart indulgence.

Stay tuned to our blog and find out next time how and why Lieta stands out from other gelato and ice cream brands in the way we craft and develop our products.