What is gelato?

Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream. Although it may seem similar to ice cream, gelato has an entirely different origin and production process. Lieta gelato is made from scratch using all-natural ingredients of the highest quality. We combine fresh local produce with a few hand-selected imported ingredients and use an artisanal production technique that involves slow cooking our ingredients and making our gelato in smaller batches than most other ice cream is made. We strive to stay true to the way ice cream was meant to be; each flavor is a true labor of love.

What are the differences between gelato and ice cream?

Gelato contains less air than regular ice cream, so it has greater density, a richer taste and unbeatable smooth, velvety texture. Gelato is often lower in fat compared to regular ice cream, as it contains more milk and less cream. It also has a lower sugar content than ice cream, resulting in a lower freezing point; this means gelato is served at a warmer temperature than ice cream, delivering an immediate hit of flavor from the very first lick! And an added bonus – most of our flavors are egg free and gluten free.

What is sorbetto?

Sorbetto is the Italian word for sorbet. Our sorbetti are uniquely crafted to with real fresh fruit to contain more of the good stuff and create a rich, smooth, velvety texture – it’s almost hard to believe they’re vegan and 100% dairy-free. 

Do you have any dairy-free products?

Yes! All of our sorbettos are dairy-free. We think you’ll love our classics like Falsa or Orange and Black Salt when you’re looking for a cool refreshing treat. Learn more about our dairy-free sorbettos here.

Which Lieta products are gluten-free?

Most of our gelati and all of our sorbetti are gluten-free. Only a handful of flavors contain gluten, where it is used for mix ins such as in the making of our Deep Dark Chocolate Fudge Cookies for cult classic Cookies and Cream gelato. Just check the nutritional panel on your package or consult the flavor page on our website to confirm..

Are any of our products are sugar-free?

You’re in luck. We have a range of organic sugar free frozen yoghurts, as well as special sugar free gelato flavors and popsicles.

Do any of our products contain high-fructose corn syrup?

Absolutely not! We believe in making gelato and sorbetto without high-fructose corn syrup. Sometimes it’s what’s not in our pints that make them specially Lieta.

Does Lieta use milk that is free of added hormones and antibiotics?

Lieta uses 100% pure full-fat cow’s milk. It is farm fresh non-UHT, pasteurized, homogenized and free from any additives or preservatives. The cows our milk is taken from are not kept on any growth hormone treatment and they are maintained in strict compliance with the highest quality international standards.

What are the “natural flavors” in Lieta products?

Most of the natural flavors included in Lieta products are comprised of ingredients such as fruit juices, fruit concentrates, essential oils, and extracts, but they vary by flavor. Most of the exact ingredients are considered to be proprietary information by our vendor-partners, but meet the FDA’s definition of natural flavor which contain no allergens or unnatural ingredients. If any allergens are present, it will be labeled in the ingredient statement on the product.

Are Lieta jars re-usable?

Of course! Our jars are made so you see exactly what you’re getting at first sight. They can be cleaned out and used for various purposes such as storing stationary, making your own sundaes, or simply to serve as your personal coin jar! Get creative and share your recycling ideas with the hashtag.

Where can I find Lieta?

Check out our store and truck locator to see where we are at the moment. Also take a look at our stockists  to see at which shops Lieta is available in your area. Of course you can also opt for home delivery right here on our site! Choose the flavors you want and have your order delivered right to your doorstep.