Baemisaal for Lieta

We are lucky enough to work with some amazing content creators in Pakistan who share our brand values and spread love and gelato! Here we want to highlight one of our favorite creators and a special supporter of our brand: the wonderful Baemisaal

Bae describers herself as 

"a colorful conceptual artist/digital creator, writer and massive supporter of the multicolored excellence of Lieta"

We love her creativity, fearless self-expression and the fact that she eats gelato straight out of the tub with a fork.

Use Baemisaal's exclusive code BAE10 for a special discount at checkout on any one order when you treat yourself to our all-natural gelato.*

Try her favorite gelato flavors matcha and coconut today, and be sure to follow her on her social media @baemisaal.


*terms and conditions apply.