Real Ingredients, Real Flavor

Lieta leaves no stone unturned to bring you the true gelato experience the way it was meant to be. We use wholesome ingredients to imbue freshness and natural flavor in every batch, including farm fresh pasteurized milk and fresh locally sourced fruit. Our gelato does not contain any premixes or additives and is made with utmost attention to detail. The texture and taste are what truly make Lieta stand out from the rest of the competitors which customers have from their first order noticed the effort put into our products and it is accordingly appreciated, enjoyed and re-ordered!

Thoughtful Recipes

Besides the classics that are known to most, at Lieta we work consistently to innovate and bring exciting new recipes and flavours to you. What’s more, we are working towards bringing you an entire experience with our layered numbers. We are always seeking to innovate, with flavor profiles that engage the taste buds and the imagination of a market famous for its appreciation of quality food.

Artisan Process

Although you might not know it, there is a distinct difference between ice cream and gelato. At Lieta Gelato we work hard to bring you the most authentic gelato right where you are. Our gelato is homemade in smaller batches and slow-churned to ensure each flavor gets the time and attention it needs, while incorporating less air to ensure a rich, dense final product. Everything from the cutting of the fruits to the final garnish is done by hand to assure you get nothing but the best. Each flavor is truly a labor of love; trust us, gelato is our love language.